Birthday Hat

Sunday was my birthday. I spent the whole day with my wife and kids, doing mostly non-moto stuff together. My big present from them was a new full face helmet, a SparX S07 in the “Nemesis” graphics. My experience with SparX helmets has been excellent. I wear a SparX D07 for dirt riding, and it has been the most comfortable helmet I have ever owned, including some that were four times more expensive. Also, in a wicked crash at a Supermoto race at Road America last year, I hit my head hard enough to visibly crush the expanded foam in my first D07, and was mobile and lucid immediately afterwards (so they tell me). I replaced it immediately with another D07 of the same design.

So my new S07 helmet is really handsome – photos don’t do it justice. And it fits perfectly, maybe even better than my D07, which was the most comfortable helmet I ever owned. Did I tell you that? I repeat myself a lot ever since the crash. Sorry.

SparX S07 Nemesis full face helmet

New crash hat

Did I tell you I repeat myself sometimes?

Anyway, I got to try out the new helmet when Helen and I went out for an afternoon snow cone together on the Z. I love that girl. 🙂