Roman Numerals

I finally personalized my new Husqvarna TC 449 with some Decal Works custom backgrounds. I really like the way it turned out. Decal Works’ pre sales service was fantastic. They emailed me some images of what the bike would look like with various options. The stickers themselves were great, and fit perfectly, a nice achievement given that many of them wrapped over corners, or went on creased surfaces.
I chose one of their simpler options, the “Super” series graphics to show off the radical lines of the big Husky. I also went with a Italian “tricolore” scheme, which I have always liked on Italian exotic motorcycles. I was worried that it would come out looking like a pizza delivery scooter, but I think the green is subtle enough to not be too silly.



**UPDATE** for Gilles who commented below asking for a better view of the side number graphics:

Left side view of Decal Works decals for Husky TC 449

Left side view of Decal Works decals for Husky TC 449

Decal Works for Husky TC 449 Right side view

Decal Works for Husky TC 449 Right side view


3 Comments on “Roman Numerals”

  1. Gilles says:

    Any chance you could post a detailed side picture of how Decal Works made the side plate decal? I’m planning on ordering from them, but I can’t find a clear side shot on how the numbers wrap on the lower section of plastic.
    Thanks. And nice bike btw.

    • Bill Jones says:

      Hi Gilles – I added two side view photos for your benefit. The stickers were super easy to apply, and have held up well through riding, crashing, and power washing. The sticker shapes were perfect for the plastics, including the cut-outs around the muffler mount, and the wrap over the top corner by the battery area. I give them two thumbs up.

      • Gilles and Sally Gobert says:

        Thank you for the increadibly quick response! I see what I wanted to see. I am running a triple digit # and was afraid if the numbers were confined to the “side plate” that is part of the large side plastics that cover the whole side, the numbers would be miniscule. I see that they continue the # onto the side plastic that is astually part of the rear fender.

        Thanks again. First race of the season is fast approaching and I need to get it looking race ready. I have a 2012 449 and I have only put 0.7 hrs on it. Still breaking it in. But from what I can tell plent of motor for me, and it handles better than my KTM.

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