How could you not?

Sixty four degrees in the first week of January. Saddle up the Z1000 and feel the warmth of the sun while you can!

Kawasaki Z1000 in the sun on a January afternoon

Have to ride when you get weather like this


3 Comments on “How could you not?”

  1. John Jones says:

    Hope you got to do it again today… the weather was awesome! I enjoyed my commute on the XS on the way home today.

  2. I wish I had got to ride again on Friday, but it was not to be – the days are still short, work calls, and commutes are long. So sad.

  3. Jack Brickman vogan says:

    I guess Iā€ ll just have to keep smiling and keep on keepinā€ on and hope the weather changes soon to help improve my mood.

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