Trail blazers

Brother John, buddy Walter, and I all took the Monday off and rode our play bikes at Briggs’ offroad riding area. The proprietor, Russ Briggs e-mailed me a couple weeks ago to suggest that I might come ride his new trails to help “burn them in” before Sept 18. It seems he’s hosting a big off road event that day, with Husqvarna demo rides and a poker run through his wooded trails.

I thought it was a great idea, so I rounded up as many knuckle heads as I could to go ride – turns out I am only influential with John and Walter.

motion shot in the woods

speeding through the woods

Walter ducks under a fallen tree

watch your head

The trails were great, as always. We rode for over three hours, making ourselves plenty tired in the process. We capped off the trip with “two by fours” of malt liquor on the porch of the grocery store in Richwoods. Couldn’t ask for a better day.

John at a pause on the trail

brother John

Walter at a break in the ride

buddy Walter


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