Prairie Wanderings

On Friday night, Dad asked if I’d like to take a ride with him to go get lunch on Sunday. Sounded good. He asked me to set a destination and a route. I picked the Pistol City Saloon in Coulterville, IL, mostly because it was a short ride away, and because I had never eaten there, but it seemed popular every time I went by.

My next order of business was to pick a route. I used Google maps, and on a whim, asked for bicycling directions. Google obliged by giving me a route that avoided all roads bigger than a State Highway as much as possible. I had never travelled the vast majority of the roads selected. Interesting.

Dad and I left just before 10:00 am to meet his co-worker Brad Cleveland, who rode with us earlier in the year on our lunch trip to the Missouri wine country. We joined up, and rode the route.

I was amazed. I have to admit, when I moved to Illinois 9 years ago, I figured I had left all the interesting motorcycling routes behind me. Today’s ride was the counter argument. Some of the roads were winding and twisty, with elevation changes. all of them had pleasant scenery. It was an interesting, scenic ride.

Lunch was fine. I had a bluegill sandwich that suited my appetite nicely. It was a good ride, and it changed my opinion of my not-so-new home state.

Dad's Triumph Bonneville T100

Take Bonnie for a rde

Suiting up at the Pistol City restaurant

Dad puts on his new helmet

Brad gets ready to ride

Brad suits up


One Comment on “Prairie Wanderings”

  1. Rob says:

    That sounds like a great day. I’ll have to try that bicycle directions idea…

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