August Occasion

First Monday of the month – Vintage Bike Night at Moto Europa! I wouldn’t miss it. This month they had a DJ spinning great summer jams, and food and beverages served on the sidewalk. The atmosphere was great, the bikes were beautiful, and the riders were happy.

I met up with old friends Doug Scronce, Kris Williams, and Walter Bass. It was great to see them. I’m looking forward to riding with them again.

Enough chit chat. Where are the pictures?

Parking sign

Please park your modern machines elsewhere


Beautiful BMW R90

Honda... Dream?

Honda Dream?

Honda XT 125

A handsome XT

Right side view of an old Kawasaki twin

Classic lines, like a British bike

Left view of a Kawasaki twin

An old Kawasaki... W650?

1988 Honda GB500

If I had had the money, I would have bought one of these brand new in 1988

Walter Bass

Vintage bikes make Walter happy

1988 Honda CB-1

Another classic from my early adulthood - a 1988 Honda CB-1 400cc naked


The antithesis of vintage


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