Mo See ’em Tour

Helen and I rode to the first ever STL VBN (Saint Louis Vintage Bike Night) museum tour. Organized by our friend Doug Scronce, it was a morning ride to vintage bike hot spots around the Saint Louis area. The meeting point was the Kickstart Café, conveniently located in the Classic Motorcycle Company’s showroom. What a fabulous place! A biplane hands from the ceiling, comfy couches are all around, and the showroom is packed with mind-blowingly cool motorcycles. The café itself makes a wicked iced tea or espresso. Helen and I fell in love with the place right away.

A biplane hangs from the ceiling of the Kickstart Café

The Kickstart Café

We met up with a few of our friends, the afore mentioned Doug Scronce, and another of my old racing pals, Kris Williams. Kris and I once rebuilt a warped YZ head in the picnic area of the Road America infield. True story. Kris is an affable guy who can’t help but tease you like a little brother, even if you’ve only just met. Helen found this out to her surprise and delight. Helen also found out she loves iced passion tea brewed fresh and served in a mason jar.
Kris Williams entertains Helen

Kris tries to psych Helen into losing a staring contest

Doug Scronce at the Kickstart Café

Doug ponders a beverage


A BSA single

Moto Guzzi

A Guzzi single

Kawasaki Mach II

A 400cc Kawasaki Mach II

Triumph X75 Hurricane

Iconic Craig Vetter styled Triumph X75

Bimota Tesi 3D

Center hub steering Bimota Tesi 3D

The next stop on the tour was Donelson’s in St. Ann. Donnelson’s is a great old dealership with a couple of rooms full of vintage bikes and historic race bikes. Helen and I left the Classic Motorcycle Company kind of late – we were enjoying our drinks – so we lost track of the rest of the tour. While we were at Donnelson’s, Helen took the opportunity to try a Honda CRF70 for size. She says it’s nice, but just a bit too big. Perhaps next Spring?
Honda CRF70

Helen tries a Honda CRF 70 for size


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