Rode To Work Day

Today is National Ride To Work Day. I did.

Kawasaki Z1000 in the motorcycle Parking at MasterCard Worldwide's Saint Louis facility

My employer provides ample and convenient motorcycle parking

Let me say this: I don’t actually enjoy ride to work day. I don’t enjoy my ride to work. It’s 110 miles round trip of boring, yet treacherous rush hour freeway commute. I end up hot, tired, and bored with a sore bum and squared off tires. Inattentive car drivers try to spice it up for me, but that’s not the excitement I yearn for.
Today, for instance, on my way home, the Suzuki Sidekick miniature SUV in front of me ran over a very large hunk of tractor trailer tire tread. I was four car lengths back, and was alerted by the loud and rapid WUMP-BUMP-BUMP-BUMP-BAP-BAP of the tire carcass buckling and shredding under the car ahead. Suddenly several large pieces of tire tread (the size of my leg) many medium pieces (the size of my fist) and countless other tire shreds were ejected from behind the car in an explosion of rubber. I was pelted with the smaller bits, and thankfully avoided contact with any of the large pieces.
Quite an adrenaline rush. But not the kind I like.
I don’t think I like “Ride To Work” day much. When Andy Goldfine gets a “bad car drivers stay home” day together, I’ll be a fan.


One Comment on “Rode To Work Day”

  1. […] ride to work sucked. It always does. I think I'm done commuting. Rode To Work Day ride, cheese, click, repeat. Remove AdvertisementsSponsored Links […]

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