I spent the evening racing dirt track at Belleville Enduro Team. I met up with my old racing friend Matt Pursley, and his fiancée Amanda.
The weather was unbelievably hot – My thermometer said 98, and the track had a problem: An errant driver had knocked down a nearby power line, and the track had no electricity. This meant two things: No night racing, and not enough power to pump water into the track watering trucks at a reasonable rate. The result was a super dusty, slick track, and an accelerated program.
I got in two practice laps. It was slippery. There were several crashers in just those two laps.

Accelerating down the straight at the BET TT

On the gas

The right hand turn on the BET TT track

Righty tighty

A crasher in the left turn after the jump, BET TT

Lefty loosey

Matt did a fabulous job in his heat races. He won the Vet 25+ race and finished third in the Expert Class, behind two guys on bikes set up purely for dirt track. I like to watch Matt race.
Matt Pursley readies for his heat races

Matt gears up

Matt Pursley heads for the staging area before his heat races

To staging - exit stage left

My heat race wasn’t so great. It took a long time to start because the officials weren’t sure how many riders they could put on the front row. We had a big class. They tried to put as many riders on the front row as they could. It didn’t end well – or start well. There were two riders down in turn one. The guy who fell the hardest hit me on his way down. I took his bar-end right in my forearm. It smarts.

The race was re-started minus the rider who hit me – he must have got the wind knocked out of him – he was attended to by the track ambulance crew. I think he was OK though.
Racing went better. The power came back on just before dusk, so they were able to turn on the lights and run the full program. I was happy about that. And, in my main, nobody hit me. Matt won his Vet 25+ race and finished third again in the Expert race – he battled well with a guy on a DTX bike and was going to catch him, but the DTX rider fell ceding the position to Matt. His winnings more than covered his entry fees. Yay Matt! My race was OK. I could tell I was riding better than I had during practice or the heat race.

Matt and Amanda and I packed up and had beers together in the pits before heading back home. It was fun to race, but even more fun to spend time with great people like Matt and Amanda (who are getting married this week! Congratulations!)
Bill's YZ426F race bike at BET

How much longer do I have to keep it before its eligible for the vintage class?


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