Memorial Day

I spent my Memorial Day holiday riding street bikes with my dad, his co-worker Brad Clevelend, and my little brother John.

Brad Cleveland


Bill Jones

My dad

John Jones

My brother, John

Brad, and my dad, and I rode from O’Fallon IL to a gas station in Eureka, MO to meet my brother. He was there when we arrived.
Kawasaki Z1000

My Kawasaki Z1000

John's Triumph Speed Four

John's Triumph Speed Four

Brad's Harley Davidson Fat Boy

Brad's Harley Fat Boy

Bill Jones' Triumph Bonneville

Dad's Triumph Bonneville T100

We wound our way from Eureka through Pacific, to Gray’s Summit, up to Labadie, in to Washington, across the Missouri River, and finally to Augusta.
Helmet cam shot of Hwy FF

Lovely twisty roads

When we arrived in Augusta, we had a confrontation with an awkwardly placed stop sign. Three of us made it past the stop sign unscathed. Could have been worse.
Stop Sign, Jackson Street, Augusta MO

Curse you, dratted stop sign!

We had lunch at the Augusta Brewing Company. Motorcycle parking was tricky, because their parking lot was on a steep incline, but it was worth it – the food was good, and the view over the Katy Trail was very nice. Their IPA was pretty good too.
Eating at the Augusta Brewing Company

Lunch at the Augusta Brewing Company retaurant


3 Comments on “Memorial Day”

  1. John Jones says:

    That food was pretty darn good… I’d go back there and again park my motorcycle in a precarious manner if it meant being able to taste the grouper sandwich and baked brie.

    The riding was fun too… thanks!

  2. […] before 10:00 am to meet his co-worker Brad Cleveland, who rode with us earlier in the year on our lunch trip to the Missouri wine country. We joined up, and rode the […]

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