It’s the youth outreach program that has been so sadly missing from our nation’s businesses: Take Our Neighbor’s Kid To Ride Day. Did you observe this day? Did you put your neighbor’s kid on a motorcycle? You didn’t? I weep for your neighbors’ children. Because their neighborhood sucks, and you didn’t do anything about it. Booo.

I brightened my neighborhood today. I took my neighbor’s kid to go ride. Jason Wilson Jr. is a big 15, smart, polite, and responsible. He is the older brother to my children’s playmates. I needed to get the YZ out and get myself some seat time in anticipation of next week’s races, and it’s always more fun with company. I invited. Jason accepted.

I picked Jason up at 8:00. He was ready to go. We got to the riding area at 10:00. I gave Jason the basics of the “friction point” and sent him around the parking lot. He figured it out almost immediately. So I took him into the deep sand and up and down the steep rocky slopes all day, and he had a great time.

Jason Wilson Jr.

Could he be happier?

2000 YZ426F

The YZ needs riding

Jason Wilson rides on sand whoops at St. Joe State Park

Jason learns the whoop-de-doos

Bill coaches Jason on a steep descent

We're going down a what?

Navigating down a steep incline on trail 100

Down we go

Fast ride up a slope

and back up again


Jason views the trail map

We have to go how far to get back to the car?

I had a great time too. Jason is good company, and he’s a natural dirt rider. He’s welcome to come on future rides.

Bill takes a whiz in the woods

Bonus pee pee footage

Next week is “turn your helmet cam off before you go pee week.” We’re working on getting the message out.


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