All Forking Day

I had the house to myself all day. My wonderful wife and kids had their own plans, and I had no appointments. I decided that since applying the numberplate graphics to Helen’s bike starting with the hardest body panel worked out so well, I would tackle the hardest, messiest job in the garage this morning: Rebuilding the forks on the YZ. Everything after that would be cake, right?

It was destined to be a big job. I had new springs from Cannon Racecraft, and new bushings and seals from Pivot Works to install. And of course that also means a change of fork oil – I chose Maxima Racing Fork Fluid.

Fork Springs, Oil, and bushings/seals

Fork refresh supplies

Part way through the job, my 2 year old son visited the garage, and was alarmed by the missing wheel on the front of the YZ. I told him I would fix it. He checked in on me regularly to monitor my progress.

With the music blasting, I spent the whole day in the garage, using every wrench, fabricating a cartridge holder out of PVC, and cleaning up my filthy forks before replacing all the seals and bushings. My forks went together just fine with brand new springs (a lighter rate for my size and my style of riding) and new fluid.

Assembled YZ426F Forks

Fresh forks

I was pleased to tell my son the bike was fixed. He jumped up from his play and told me he would check it. We went to the garage and he surveyed my work. The wheel was back on. Daddy did a good job.

It was a day well spent, since it rained pretty much all day. I finished a big job, and won the approval of my two year old son. I can’t ask for much more than that.


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