Sticky Work

Helen and I ordered a set of pre-printed numberplates from Attack Graphics for her TT-R 50 a few weeks ago. Today, since it was raining, I decided to finally apply the big stickers to her bike.

This wasn’t the first set of preprinted plates I had applied to a bike. Helen had a very nice set on her PW-50. That set was easy to apply because the stickers were small (it’s a tiny bike) and because a PW-50’s plates are flat as a pancake, with no severe curves or creases.

I have struggled in the past with pre-printed plates on my big YZ, especially on the right side number plate, which bulges out considerably to allow clearance for the muffler. I end up with creases and bubbles in the graphics, and it just makes me angry to have spent money to make something look nice and not have the satisfaction of a good end result.

So it was with some fear of failure that I set out to put Helen’s new graphics on her TT-R 50, which has all the trendy bodywork features of modern motocross bikes including bulging, curved, and creased number plates. I started with the hardest plate first, the right side plate with it’s big muffler bulge. The TT-R 50 has the added challenging feature of a pair of fake air inlets molded into the side plates, so the graphics had cutouts for those that had to line up perfectly.

It took me most of an hour to do the right side plate, but through patience, and persistence, I was able to stretch the thick vinyl graphics to sit perfectly on the piece. I was pretty proud. I did the left plate next, and it was a breeze. The front plate was so easy it was ridiculous – I spent maybe 90 seconds on it.

I am pleased with the outcome.

TT-R 50 with Attack Graphics, Right side

The finished product

TT-R 50 with Attack Graphics Left Side Close up

Closer look at the plate

TT-R 50 with Attack Graphics, front and left

Looks nice

Now I just wish it would stop raining so we could all go ride. 😦


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