Helen’s longest day

Heln, her TT-R 50 and the Subaru Forester

Helen relaxes after a long ride

I took my 7 year old daughter, Helen, to go ride at St. Joe State Park in Missouri. It was her first time there. She has only ever rode on grass or clay. I knew riding in the lead tailings (sand) would be a new, and possibly difficult situation for her.

Helen picks up her TT-R 50

Picking up her own bike

Helen in her off-road gear

Helen in her gear

Sure enough, the first time we hit soft, deep, dry sand, she fell down. She would go maybe 10 yards and eat it, over and over again. Wow, was she frustrated. We had a huddle. Eyes up. Feet down. Don’t try to steer unless the gas is on. Go! And she went, and it was all ok. We rode all over the tailings and the flat trails, and she had a good time. She even learned to navigate the deep soft sand. By lunch, she was happy again, and feeling good about herself.

Helen rides across the tailings


Helen rides on sand easily

Helen got the hang of it

Helen gets a positive appraisal from her dad

Yeah! Way to go!

We snacked, and went back out to explore some more. Helen tied out the North end of trail 100, climbing some steep stuff, and then coming back down. That was probably her biggest adventure on the steep stuff. Then we meandered through the sand back to the parking lot. Sadly, we meandered a bit too long, and through a bit too much soft sand. By the time we reached the car, her arms were sore, and she had had enough. We need to spend about thirty minutes less on the sand next time. Duly noted.

Helen has a sanck in the back of the Subaru Forester

Snack time for Helen

Helen leads towards afternoon adventure

Helen leads us to adventure

Helen and dad rest on the trail

On a new trail

Helen heads up trail 100

Into the woods

Helen heads back down the trail

Going back down is scary!

Helen is skeptical that dad can make it up the big hill

Helen thinks dad cant make it up that big hill

Dad climbs the big hill

Dads gonna show her!

But she did a great job! If there’s anything harder to ride on than soft sand, I don’t want to ride on it, and she wasn’t falling at all by the end of the day. I’m proud of that girl of mine.

Note dad's foot in the tumble

Bonus crash footage


2 Comments on “Helen’s longest day”

  1. Amy says:

    I’m proud of my Helen!

  2. Doug says:

    She sounds like a good listener. That can go a long way. I wish I were raising my kids right. One has never ridden her bike, and the other hasn’t in 3 years!!!

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