Threefer Madness

A beautiful day after so much dreary wet and cold weather. I rode lots of motorcycles today. Three big ones, and one tiny one.

I started out by installing a FMF Q4 silencer and Powerbomb header on my ancient old YZ426F. The stock exhaust was tooth-rattlingly loud, as my neighbors would be willing to testify. Not so this tasty aftermarket setup! It sounds like a brand new, modern 4 stroke now. Lovely!

FMF Powerbomb

The Powerbomb header


The Q4 Silencer

FMF Q4 and Powerbomb on a 2000 YZ426F

Doesn't it just look quieter?

Just as I was finishing up, my brother John called me and invited me to meet him at Moto Europa. I took the Kawasaki, as it was a very nice day.

The Gateway Arch

Over the river

Busch Stadium

Game time at Busch Stadium!


Across the SLU campus

Z1000 at Moto Europa

At Moto Europa

When I got there, John was filling out the forms so we could take their new Triumph Tiger 800XC for a test ride. He’s been interested by this new bike. We both rode it through the strange landscape of midtown.

Mark Oldham and John Jones

Mark at Moto Europa gets us ready to ride

Tank of a Tiger 800 XC

Put a Tiger on your Tank

Tiger 800 XC

The Tiger 800 XC demo bike

It’s a great machine. It has the best transmission and clutch of any Triumph I have experienced, it makes smooth power, and it handles sharp as a tack. But it’s not a good ergonomic match for me, unfortunately. I’m just a little too short to really enjoy it.

John Jones on his Speed Four

Parting ways - John's Speed Four is a beauty


2 Comments on “Threefer Madness”

  1. John says:

    Three things:
    1. In the backyard footage with the new muffler, it’d be easy to mistake the 426 for your 230.

    2. What better way to prepare for an adventure tour across Kazakhstan, than to ride an adventure tourer through the alleys of mid/north St. Louis?

    3. While riding home between SLU and Harris Stowe State University, I noticed that my helmet is strikingly similar to HSSU’s logo:

    • Three replies:
      1. I know! But not only is it quieter, it’s easier to ride slow – it doesn’t have that light switch snap that made it such a bear before. But when you wind it on, it barks (and rips all your grass out, unfortunately).

      2. Some of that footage does not look like it was taken in the center of a major metropolitan area, I know. I was sorely tempted to cut across some vacant lots, but I didn’t do it.

      3. That’s pretty cool. Sparx has a new version of the Hornet graphic S07 – I think yours looks better. I like the way your helmet looks.

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