Man of Integrity

I took the opportunity to do two fun things this afternoon: Visit Integrity Tattoos in Belleville, and hang out with my friend Jason, who happens to be the owner (said in a smug British upper crust accent, with raised eyebrow).

Integrity Tattoo in Belleville, IL

Integrity Tattoo in Belleville, IL

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Jason isn’t actually at his shop today. I had to drive a little further into Belleville to go visit him.

St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Belleville, IL

St. Elizabeth's Hospital

I found Jason lounging around in bed. But upon my arrival, two young ladies convinced him to join them in the gym. I went along. Jason put in a good workout. Too good, maybe. He kept losing count of how many reps he was supposed to do because we were chatting about bikes and drag racing, and other such manly banter.

Jason enjoys a workout

Jason enjoys a workout

Jason works on arm strength and stamina

Feel the burn!

I left Jason to his workout so he could concentrate. The ride home was windy, but pleasant.

Many motorcyclists were enjoying the nice day

Many other motorcyclists were taking advantage of the weather

People are in hurry to get home this time of day

People are in hurry to get home this time of day


3 Comments on “Man of Integrity”

  1. Nicole Wilson says:

    I love this post!!! Nice shot of your bike under the sign! And that Jason guy is such a hottie! 🙂

  2. Bob H says:

    I have been reading about Jason on Speedzilla and hope he is doing well. I would like to offer some of my own insight and I don’t mean to offend anybody. October of 2009 I was in a motorcycle accident that took my left leg above the knee. I went through physical therapy with a therapist that had worked with amputees (this is a must)for 2 months with my prosthetic leg and after 5 months was back to work. I set goals and met every on of them. It is good therapy to have goals and then achieving them it keeps you motivated. But after all is said and done you realize that this is for the rest of your life and is an ongoing battle to keep fit and motivated.
    Now for a few things he might experience. Phantom pains, what a pain in the ass these are it feels like your leg is still there and it hurts, it kept me up nights averaging about 1 to 2hrs of sleep between occurrences. Then comes what I call phantom sensations, these feel like your leg is still there with itches and numbness,to this day I can still feel my foot, weird stuff.
    Billsridepics you have been a good friend supporting him, he needs this form friends and family. Tell Jason to not forget his wife because, she could be trying to be strong for him but inevitably will need support also.
    This is just my form my own experience and hope it helps. If Jason wants to arrange to contact me with ant question that would be fine, if not that would be fine also.
    Good luck to Jason.

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