Evening in Europe

My daughter Helen, my dad, and my brother John decided to go to Moto Europa this evening. It’s a beautiful new motorcycle dealership close to the SLU campus and the Fox Theater, and adjoining the wonderful Triumph Grill restaurant. The plan was to meet there, have a little appetizer from the restaurant, and just chill in the presence of beautiful European motorcycles. Dad rode his Triumph Bonneville T100, and Helen and I rode on the Kawasaki Z1000.

Dad and Triumph Bonneville

Dad readies the Bonneville

We crossed the Mississippi river into downtown Saint Louis just as the last orange rays of sunset were diminishing. It was a very pretty time of day, very fitting for Helen’s first Interstate motorcycle trip.

Moto Europa is a great place to look at motorcycles – Helen had the Milwaukee’s Best soft pretzel appetizer dish from the restaurant, and we looked over beautiful bikes together.

Helen Ducati Monster

Helen agrees that Ducatis are lovely

Dad Ducatis

Dad fancies some Italian machines too

Mark Oldham of Moto Europa took good care of us, telling us about Moto Europa’s many upcoming events, and giving Helen pointers on racecraft. Mark is a very gracious host. Before we left, the General Manager gave Helen a Michelin ball cap and advised her to insist on Michelin tires for all of her bikes. Does Michelin make 10 inch off road tires? No matter – Helen looks good in her new cap.

Helen Hat

Helen sports a Michelin ball cap


Sunny Sunday Sundaes

The Saint Louis area is finally thawing out from weeks in the deep freeze. Formerly icy roads are sopping with melt. It’s sunny and 60 degrees.  Residents are wondering aloud what that thing is in the Southern sky emitting light and heat. Time for a bike ride!

My daughter, Helen, and I called up our neighbors, and good friends, Jason and Octavia Wilson – another father/daughter riding pair. They had the same plan we did – to get some riding done while the getting was good.

Helen and I rode over to the Wilsons’ place and met them in the driveway. We formed a plan and hit the road.

Helen Jones

Helen likes Jason's Sportster

Helen Jones and Octavia Wilson

Helen and Octavia enjoy riding with their dads

Octavia Wilson

Octavia's ready to go - where's Jason?


Bill and Helen's Kawasaki Z1000

Our destination was Lebanon, IL, and a little ice cream place called “Dr. Jazz”.

Riding on the Kawasaki Z1000

Headed for Lebanon

The girls had milkshakes at the counter. Jason and I sat at a nearby table and unwound a bit. I had a scoop of watermelon sherbet.

Octavia Wilson, Helen Jones

Milkshakes at the counter for Helen and Octavia


All the helmets in a pile next to the counter

After snack time, we saddled up and rode home. It was a very pretty day. It felt nice to get out on the bikes with our girls and go someplace fun.

Helen Jones Z1000

Full of milkshake, ready to ride home