Coulterville, Jan 17

I went by myself to Coyote Trails ATV Riders in Coulterville today for my first ride of the year. I bought a year pass for me and my daughter – $120.

The trails looked really good. Graded, and dry. I was excited.

I got the TTR off the trailer and suited up. I ran around the practice track, and was immediately surprised at how little traction there was. What appeared to be dry dirt was an ultra fine layer of dry earth on top of recently thawed sopping wet clay. The tires were coated. Imagine, if you will, slathering several inches of Vaseline on bald tires, and then going for a ride on an ice rink. This was almost that slippery.

Bill's muddy TTR

Bill's muddy TTR, after the first few minutes of riding at Coulterville

I raced around in the gravel parking lot for a few minutes, accelerating, and broad sliding in swoopy turns to throw some of the clay off my tires. Then I went for a ride in the woods. It was slippery there too, but not uniformly treacherous like the practice track. This was a little better.

I'm not cranked over because I'm railing the turn. I'm saving a front end wash-out.

slippin on the TTR

Slipping and sliding on the wet clay

Looks fun, doesn't it?

I fell once. With the camera on. Just pushed the front in the wet mud and lost my balance. I was startled by how heavy the bike was when I tried to pick it up. I felt bad for my clutch. I abused it mightily to keep my momentum up in the sticky, slippery goo.

A low speed squish into the earth

After about 90 minutes of riding in the slop, I packed up. My filthy, mud laden bike became the problem of the people who own the DIY car wash in Mascoutah IL.

The TTR was noticeably heavier when I loaded it back on the trailer


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